is real estate a good investment

Is real estate a good investment in 2021?

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Is real estate a good mode of investment? The best investment on Earth is……Earth Louis Glickman Louis quoted these words about 60-70 years ago. Are these words true for today as well? If you are a first-time investor then you would surely have plenty of queries about it. Is it really profitable? Am I going […]

How to get a Home Loan from the Bank of my choice?

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We all dream of having our own home. A home provides security, control, belongingness, identity and privacy. To fulfill this dream, home loan is a great form of financial assistance. Home loan is mainly taken for a new purchase. It can also be opted to renovate, repair, or construct a home. Home loan is a […]

Demonetization will not devalue properties in Bangalore

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The general consensus is that the real estate prices will correct themselves owing to the death of black money. But will that actually happen in Bangalore? Out of Vogue? How is black money involved in Indian real estate? 0–50% of the transactions are done in cash The municipality guidance value/property rates are much lower than the actual sale […]